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ALMA is a digital editorial that looks at social reality from an optimistic and diverse point of view. It is the communication channel through which La Fundación ”la Caixa” shares its initiatives. See More

I spent 6 months on this project, doing visual content and collaborating with lots of creative professionals from all over the country and the world. Photographers like Laia Sabaté, Rita Puig-Serra, Anna Pla-Narbona, Román Yñan etc.



And Illustrators like Dalmaus, María Medem, Rodrigo ICO, Cristina Daura, Núria Just etc.


Crearive Director: Jorge Segarra
Editorial Direction: Marta Puigdemasa
Art Direction: Tamara González, Iratxe Reparaz & Libe Amunarriz
Head of art: Xavi Mauri
Account Director: Salva Rey
Photographers: Laia Sabaté, Anna Pla Narbona, etc...
Illustrations: Nuria Just, María Medem