Libe Amunarriz        

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Hey!! It’s Libe, a Bask/Riojan Creative Conceptualizer and Art Director, currently working at LOLA MullenLowe
and on personal projects and collaborations. Previously, I worked at DDB Barcelona, &Rosàs Barcelona and
spent a couple of months at La Solución.

I’ve been working on projects for TOUS, Bayer, FC Barcelona, Decathlon, Vokswagen, HERO, Alvalle, Sunbites, Bertolli, Médicos Sin Fronteras, Facebook, Zetak, Aldi, Obra Social la Caixa, Cachetero among others.


Best Young Creatives by Club de Creativos (2018)

Best team of the year by Brother School of creativity (2018)

Creative Express by Art Directors Club of Europe (2018)

YouTube Ads Leaderboard for Movernos nos hace fuertes (March 2019)

Beldur Barik for Izena Duena Bada (2017)

︎︎︎Talks & Interviews
Can creativity be learned? for VICE
Creativity after college for University of Basque Country

So, if you have any request, want a talk or just some gardening tips, feel free to contact me here

If you want to see something more, I also take photos and write things here.