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Intimate hygiene products have contributed to the formation of prejudices towards our "intimate area," perpetuating false myths such as the belief that vaginas should smell like flowers or that they must constantly feel fresh and clean. In reality, a healthy vagina is naturally fresh and clean. That's why we aim to take a step forward with Hydralin, challenging the taboos surrounding vaginas and vulvas by introducing an underwear collection specifically designed to dismantle stereotypes.

From the fabrics to the streets of paris

Agency: LOLA Mullenlowe Barcelona
Executive creative director: Nestor Garcia & Nacho Oñate
Creative director: Saray Gonzalez
Copywriter: Giulia Peresso
Art Director: Libe Amunarriz
Producer: Carlos Montiel
Photographer: Berta Pfirsich
Video Recorder: Aran Martinez
Production: Mushroom